Pupil Premium and PE Premium Funding

What is Pupil Premium?


The Government allocates extra money to schools in the form of the Pupil Premium. This is allocated to schools on the basis of FSM (free school meals) pupils and those pupils who have been in receipt of FSM in the past 6 years, these are known as FSM Ever 6.

Key priorities:

To narrow the gap between those pupils on low-incomes and the rest, addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of those pupils.

What do we expect to see?

Targeted additional support, resulting in every student, however financially disadvantaged, being able to:

•improve their levels of attainment
•close the attainment gaps relative to school averages
•have full access to the school curriculum
•access our extra-curricular provision


Our plans for 2014/2015

Our Pupil Premium allocation for 2014/2015 is £73,500.

We plan to allocate our Pupil Premium this year to:

  • Provide small groups with an experienced teacher or teaching assistant focussed on overcoming gaps in learning.
  • 1:1 support
  • All support through the pupil premium will be aimed at accelerating progress, moving pupils to age related expectations - focussing on English and Maths.
  • Sustain our current level of classroom support - enabling all pupils to access support.

We also hope to:

  • Provide support for pupils in extra-curricular activities, including Singing lessons and Residential visits.
  • Purchase additional ICT equipment to support learning.

Additional PE Funding

All schools with Primary age pupils have been allocated additional funding for PE. Each school has been allocated £8000 plus an additional £5 per Year 5/6 pupil. (Currently 88 pupils)

We feel PE is a priority in helping all children to reach their potential and for this reason we have targeted raising standards across the age range and providing further extra-curricular opportunites.

Aims and Outcomes for 2013/2014

Aims Outcomes/Impact
Supported NQT in delivery and planning of PE lessons. Teacher confidence and knowledge increased. Observed by Ofsted Inspector, received a positive grade and comment.
Increased the range of sports delivered on the curriculum plan. Children engaged in a range of new activities. Participation rates high.
Increasing the number of extra-curricular opportunities provided afterschool and at lunchtimes.

Increased the levels of participation by female students in extra-curricular activities. Table tennis and Frisbee clubs introduced.

Purchase of new equipment and 4 new table tennis tables.

Introduced a young leaders and G+T programme as an additional lesson. Students increased their leadership skills and applied them in leading school based competitions and festivals.

Costing's for 2013/2014

Spend Total allocation: £8555
Appointment of a shared specialist PE teacher. £6737.50
Purchase of 4 table tennis tables. £791.64
Tables tennis equipment. £81
Additional PE equipment. £486.03
Transport costs. £88
Year 6 - 'More than Dance day'. £365.66
Total spend  £8549.83

Aims for - 2014/2015

Re-appointment of Becky Woolley (Mrs Lee-Turner), PE specialist to work across 4 schools. (St. Benedict's, Pegswood First school, Linton First School and St. Aidan's First school)

Join the (re-formed) Ashington School Sports partnership - working together with a range of other schools in an extended partnership - sharing best practice. Staff now able to access a wider range of CPD opportunities.

Join the Youth Sports Trust Primary membership.

Support new members of staff in Key Stage 2 in the delivery of the new curriculum.

Funding allocation for 2014/2015: £8510