Our School Mission

M I S S I O N     S T A T E M E N T



"I have come so that they may have life,

and have it to the full."   (John, 10 : 10)




Our Mission is to ensure that each individual grows and develops to their full potential, discovers their purpose and becomes equipped for adult life within a caring Catholic community.

The community of St. Benedict’s is fully committed to this Mission Statement. We endeavour to apply it to every aspect of school life, living out the Beatitudes. 

St. Benedict’s is an inclusive school that provides equal opportunities for every member of our community.


We will achieve our Mission Statement by following the Beatitudes


Be Gentle – it will get you further than you think

Be Humble – let God work through you

Be Sorrowful – grieving is OK, it shows your love

Be Merciful – we all need forgiveness

Be Just – the truth sets people free

Be Peaceful – everybody is a child of God

Be Pure – open your heart and you will see God

Be Courageous – dare to do good so God can work through you